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Flash Flood - 9.75

WorldmapCountry: Singapore  Age Group: Teenager  GenderSex: Male
DayJoined: February 19, 2011 Micro darts № of Reviews: 94 Nerf logo 92 № of Featured Reviews: 2
Nerf maverick Nerf Blaster Count: 19

Commonly hailed as one of the best Super Soakers created, the Flash Flood is extremely powerful.
Pros: Excellent accuracy, 2 firing modes, very easy to hit targets using the Riot Blast mode, excellent range, won't break on you, excellent capacity for its size, capacity can be doubled with a Aquashock Backpack or a Aquapack 50oz., not much of a burden due to size
Cons: No strap

Ten stars


Ten stars


Nine stars


Ten stars

Very few blasters match the performance of the Flash Flood.
Review by: NSA335
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