Flip Clip
Flip Clip
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The Flip Clip is a 2010 Nerf N-Strike accessory that comes with 30 Streamline Darts, two 6-Dart Clips and a Flip Clip. It is priced at $12.99. If you put two two clips together, it only holds 12 darts leaving and extra eighteen to fill up another blaster or to use it as you desire.

Details Edit

The Flip Clip is inserted onto the bottom of the clip, and inserted into the blaster. When you are out of Streamline Darts, you take it out, flip it, and stick the full clip into the blaster. While you are firing the second clip, you can reload the first clip through the bottom. It is also possible to use the second clip as a stand for your blaster, and it is also possible to take two 18-Dart Clips and using it on this, bringing up the dart total from 18 to 36. This is one more dart than the 35-Dart Drum, but is absurdly long and easily detaches.

"Poor-man's version" Edit

The Poor-man's version is easily made. To create, one takes two clips and duct tapes them together, then use it in battle. This is proven to be weak, however, and can snap and the tape may fall off.

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