Grenades are a type of home-made Nerf Ammunition. They are made by tying 10-15 Streamline Darts together at the tips by an elastic band. When thrown, the grenade will hit the ground and scatter the darts across the room, distracting the enemy while you can take shots.

How to Make Edit

Step #1

  • Collect 10-15 Streamline darts and one elastic band.

Step #2

  • Attach elastic band to the tips of darts.

Step #3

  • Throw at enemy base. Effect should kick in as soon as it lands.

Tips/Trivia Edit

  • The grenade can damage darts when you put on the rubber band on too tightly.
  • As a tactical choice, you could use warped or damaged darts so that the enemy's guns may jam if they try to use the darts you used for the grenade in a blaster.
  • Grenades can detonate at any time, so when traveling, tie another band (not too tightly, they may get damaged) to the body of the grenade. That way, it won't detonate without warning.
  • Elite Darts may be used to create grenades. However, because of their superb ranges, people would prefer to use Streamlines.
  • The method of creating a grenade has also been used to create a Nerf claymore.
  • Lanard once produced a grenade called the Scatter Blast.
  • The Lanard J.A.M Launcher came with one "Power Popper Grenade".
  • Some Nerfers just throw Ballistic Balls.
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