GunSmoke cartridge
Year Released:




Stock Capacity:

500 shots

Average Retail Price(s):

HKD 199.95


Buzz Bee (GunSmoke)

The GunSmoke cartridge is a 2014 accessory used with the GunSmoke shotgun. It is inserted under the main barrel of the blaster, and when the blaster is fired, it helps to create a puff of smoke to simulate what happens after a shot has been fired out of an actual firearm. The cartridge contains a fluid. As the blaster uses 3 AA batteries, it is thought that there is a heating element underneath the barrel that heats up the fluid and allows it to emit smoke particles. It lasts up to 500 shots, and as of now, there are no known refill packs for said cartridge, and it is unknown whether there will be any made.

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