Warning This product has been cancelled from production by the manufacturer. The reason for the cancellation is: Poor sales of Hydro line.
Harpoon Crossbow
Year Released:




Stock Capacity:

3 Hydro Torpedos



The Harpoon Crossbow is a cancelled Nerf Hydro blaster that holds 3 Hydro Torpedos. It operates like a Crossbow, except it only shoots 1 type of ammunition instead of 2. It would have most likely been released around the same time as the Hydro Bazooka, due to it being the only other blaster in the line. It fired its on exclusive type of ammunition, called the Hydro Torpedo, which was a blue 11" arrow with red fins that had a sponge tip on the top and, when hit with, would leave a wet spot of water. Instead, it was cancelled and the Hydro Torpedos were made available in refill packs.

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