Year Released:




Stock Capacity:

7 Micro Darts


Buzz Bee

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The Hunter is a 2010 Buzz Bee Blaster that holds 7 Micro Darts, two in the side storage, four in the butt stock, and one in the chamber. It has bolt operating mechanism. It also has ammo storage to hold darts; one in the stock and one beside the loading chamber. The storage beside the chamber holds 2 darts and the one in the stock holds 4.

Trivia. Edit

  • The hunter is the only "Cowboy" rifle/shotgun made by Buzz Bee that does not require shells.
  • The list of other "Cowboy" blasters include; Double Shot, Over-Under Double Shot, Hawk, and Rapid Fire Tek.
  • It is very hard to take out the air restrictor due to the bolt.
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