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Hydro Force 3
Year Released:




Stock Capacity:

Water: ?
1 Rocket


Water Warriors

The Hydro Force 3 is a 2005 Water Warriors blaster that holds 1 Rocket and an unknown amount of water. It is a multi-purpose blaster that can be used in three ways, as a vertical rocket launcher, a racer, and an air pressured water blaster. It is red. There is a black base which is used for a variety of different features and can be attached to the blaster in different ways. When converted into a water blaster, the base is attached to the bottom of the body, exposing a yellow pump which is meant for pressuring the blaster. When converted into a rocket launcher, there is a post on the front where a rocket may be fitted and fired from there. When converted to a car, it has a notch on the back where it can be put into the base of the launcher and fired from there. It was sold until 2007. It is an air, combination and novelty blaster.

Trivia Edit

  • This is an extremely rare Water Warriors product; there are no reviews on it.
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