Hyper Sight
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Arrows, Micro Darts and Mega Darts

Hyper Sight is a short-lived Nerf theme that had ran in 1998, consisting of six blasters. It was the sister series to the Mega Blitz series, with both lines replacing certain aspects of the Cyberstrike series. Coincidentally, both Mega Blitz and Hyper Sight ran in 1998, and only lasted one year. It featured a technical, precision-oriented theme, similar to Cyberstrike; most blasters had scopes and faux dials attached to them.

All the blasters in this series had an emphasis on accuracy, and the series was well-known for having some very good blasters, such as the Big Bad Bow, which was popular enough to be re-released in 2000; another being the Lock 'n Load, considered one of the best Mega Dart blasters produced.

Blasters Edit

Picture Name and Info
BigBadBowbox1 Big Bad Bow
ExpandaBlast Expand-A-Blast
LnLbox Lock 'n Load
Monoblast Mono Blast
Range shot Range Shot
RatchetBlast Ratchet Blast

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