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Jolt EX-1 - 7.75

WorldmapCountry: America  Age Group: Teenager  GenderSex: Male
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One of the older quick draw weapons, and still one of the best. If the Reflex IX-1 brings a machete into battle, then this brings in a fully automatic bazooka, (and the Triad EX-3 brings in a Lockheed AC-130.)
Ammo: Whistler Darts
Pros: Extremely portable, gets a good range for its size and very easy to draw out.
Cons: You have one shot, unfortunately, before you have to reload.

Nine stars


Nine stars


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Five stars

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While the Triad EX-3 is almost always a better choice, if one cannot get a hold of one for whatever reason, the Jolt is an excellent substitute. It is, in fact, recommended to buy the Jolt over the Triad if concealment is a necessity.
Review by: BSim
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