Jolt EX-1
Year Released:




Stock Capacity:

1 Whistler Dart

Average Retail Price(s):




The Jolt EX-1 is a 2011 N-Strike blaster that holds 1 Whistler Dart. It is the newest Nerf blaster, along with the as of unreleased Speedswarm by Dart Tag. It may be improved over its predecessors like the Secret Strike AS-1 and the Hidden Shot. When first introduced, it cost $4.99.



Range- 8/10 The Jolt EX-1 can fire 40+ feet angled, and does not use an air pump.

Accuracy- 7/10 The blaster is accurate due to the proper handle.

Reliability- 6/10 It can easily be concealed, and acts as a good tertiary weapon for sniping. However, the blaster can randomly fire when cocking and enemies can spot you. It also can break when stepped on or dropped. The plastic holding the trigger can snap off with excessive use, so it is recommended to not squeeze the trigger when you're not playing with it. The handle is ergronomic to larger hands as it cuts into the hand when held tightly. When cocking the Jolt with a Dart Tag dart loaded, the handle also has a slight click so Dart Tag darts(2011 version) are also not reccomened to be used in this blaster.

Rate- 4/10 By the way it is fired, it can fire 1 dart every 3 seconds.

Overall- 9.25/10 It is very good blaster only let down by having a horrendous rate of fire and reliability issues.

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