Kickback Soccer
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Kickback Soccer is a 1995 Nerf Sports game of soccer with a little twist. The ball included is enclosed inside a bag with a bungee cord attached to it. This is to be attached to a post on the included anchor plate. The aim of the game is to try and knock down both of the opposing player's goal cones with the ball, and whoever does so first wins. It is now quite rare. It comes packaged with a deflated Soccer Ball, four goal cones, two red, two yellow, a net, a midfield line strap, a bungee cord, an anchor plate, three large stakes, two smaller stakes, a circular cutout for the ball and instructions.

Setup Edit

Step 1 - Feed the midfield line strap through the underside slots in the anchor plate.
Step 2 - Position the anchor plate at the center of the playing field. Using a hammer, drive the three large stakes through the holes in the anchor plate to secure it to the ground.
Step 3 - Stretch the midfield line strap to its full length. Using a hammer, drive the two small stakes into the holes on both sides of the strap.
Step 4 - Inflate the ball with an air pump, by using the circular cutout to help you inflate it to the right size. Once that is done, thread the bungee cord through the end loops of the bag to create a bag for the ball. Pull on the looped bungee cord once finished threading to secure the ball in the net.
Step 5 - Insert the loose end of the bungee cord through the hole in the anchor plate post. Place the loop on the bungee cord over the post, and pull to tighten.

Commercial Edit

Nerf Kickback Soccer Ad (1995)

Nerf Kickback Soccer Ad (1995)

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