Lightning Strike
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Ballistic Balls, NiteGlow Discs, NiteGlow Darts


Ruff Stuff Air Blasters

Lightning Strike is a series of 3 blasters made in 2004 by Buzz Bee. The main selling point of the blasters in the series was their ability to light up. Said function was also the only positive fact about the blasters, as all of the blasters performed very poorly when compared to other blasters which light up, like the Firefly REV-8. Strangely, the Lightning Strike Dart Blaster was discontinued early, while the other 2 blasters survived until around 2007 or 2008. The reason for this is unknown.

Blasters Edit

Picture Name
51D2CPFHXQL Lightning Strike Ball Blaster
LightningStrikeDartBlaster Lightning Strike Dart Blaster
LightningStrikeDiscShooter Lightning Strike Disc Shooter
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