This is a list of Nerf themes.

Main Themes Edit

Name Theme Type Number of Blasters Years Active Availability Predecessor Successor Main Ammunition
Original Nerf Series Easy-to-use blasters 12 1989-1994 No None Nerf Action None
Rip Rockets Pull-back and release blasters 5 1992-1993, 1996 No None Hyper Rip Rockets Micro Darts
Hydro Water-based blasters 4 1993 No None Switchshots Ballistic Balls
Hyper Rip Rockets Multi-shot pull-back-and-release blasters 2 1994 No Rip Rockets Ambush Rip Rockets Micro Darts
Nerf Action Easy-to-use blasters 10 1994-1996 No Original Nerf Series Cyberstrike None
Max Force Animal-styled blasters 10 1994-1997 No None Max Force 2112 Mega Darts
Aero Push-pull long-range blasters 1 1995 No None None Aero Gliders
Ambush Rip Rockets Concealable blasters 3 1995, 2000 No Hyper Rip Rockets None Micro Darts
Cyberstrike Futuristic blasters 9 1996-1997 No Nerf Action None Mega Darts
Max Force 2112 Animal-styled blasters 6 1996-1997 No Max Force None Mega Darts
SuperMaxx Long-range Air powered blasters 12 1997-2001 No Larami SuperMaxx Xtreme None Larami Dart
Larami SuperMaxx Long-range air-powered blasters 5 1994-1997 No None Larami SuperMaxx Xtreme Larami Darts
Larami SuperMaxx Xtreme Long-range air-powered blasters 4 1997-1998 No Larami SuperMaxx SuperMaxx Larami Darts
Hyper Sight Precision blasters 5 1998-2000 No None None Mega Darts
Mega Blitz Fast-firing short-range blasters 4 1998 No None None Micro Darts
Airjet Power Long-range air-powered blasters 7 1998-2001 No None Airjet Power Plus Micro Darts
Airjet Power Plus Extreme long-range air-powered blasters 3 1999-2000 No Airjet Power None Micro Darts
Motorized Motorized disk blasters 1 2000 No None None Foam Disks
Switchshots Combination water/dart blasters 3 2000 No None None Micro Darts
Power Nerf Futuristic Blasters 4 2000-2002 No None N-Strike Micro Darts
Airtech Long-range air-powered blasters 6 2002-2003 No None N-Strike/Atom Blasters Micro Darts
Atom Blasters Rapid Fire Ball Blasters 3 2002-2003 No None Ball Blasters Ballisic Balls
Action Blasters Futuristic Blasters 11 2003-2008 No None N-Strike Micro Darts
N-Strike Tactical blasters 26 2003-Present Yes Power Nerf, Airtech, Action Blasters N-Strike Elite Micro Darts
Dart Tag Competition-geared blasters 15 2003-Present Yes None None Dart Tag Darts
Ball Blasters Ball blasters 3 2004-2007 Yes Atom Blasters Koosh Galaxy Ballistic Balls
Lazer Tag Team Ops Laser Tag taggers 8 2004-2008, 2012-Present Yes None Battle Tag N/A
N-Force Melee weapons 9 2009-2011 Yes None None N/A
Vortex Long-range disc blasters 10 2011-Present Yes Koosh Vortex None XLR discs
N-Strike Elite Realistic long-range blasters 25 2012-Present Yes N-Strike None Elite Darts
Rebelle Blasters geared for girls 15 2013-Present Yes None None Collectible Darts
Zombie Strike Zombie apocalypse-themed blasters/weapons 18 2013-Present Yes None None Zombie Strike Darts
Doomlands 2169 Post-apocalyptic blasters 5 2015-Present Yes None None Doomlands Dart
Modulus Modular blasters 8 2015-Present Yes None None Modulus Dart
RIVAL Basters for teenagers 4 2015-Present Yes None None High-Impact Round
Alien Menace Alien invasion-themed blasters 2 2016-Present Yes None None Alien Menace Dart
Tek Strike Tech-themed products 2 2014 No None None Smart Darts

Sub-Series Edit

Name Theme Type Number of Blasters Years Active Availability Theme Relationship With Main Ammunition
Light It Up Nighttime Nerf war blasters 2 2012-2015 No N-Strike, Vortex Glowing ammunition
Multishot Madness Multi-shot blasters 2 2013-Present Yes N-Strike Elite, Vortex None
N-Strike Elite Mega Long-range blasters 9 2013-Present Yes N-Strike Elite Elite Mega Darts
Sonic ICE Clear Blue blasters 7 2013-Present Yes N-Strike Elite, Super Soaker Elite Dart
Rebelle Super Stripes Zebra-like coloured blasters 3 2014-Present Yes Rebelle Collectible Darts
Sonic FIRE Clear Red blasters 4 2014-Present Yes N-Strike, Super Soaker Elite Darts
Z.E.D. Squad Re-released blasters and melee weapons 3 (Blasters)

5 (Melee)

2014-Present Yes Zombie Strike Zombie Strike Dart
BioSquad Nuclear suvival themed blasters 2 2015-Present Yes Zombie Strike Zombie Repellent,

Zombie Strike Dart

Charmed Blasters with charm accessories 4 2015-Present Yes Rebelle Collectible Dart
Doomlands Impact Zone Futuristic blasters 2 2016-Present Yes Doomlands 2169 Impact Zone Dart
Accustrike Accurate blasters 4 2017-Present Yes N-Strike Elite, Rebelle Accustrike Dart
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