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Longshot CS-6 - 9.25

WorldmapCountry: America  Age Group: Teenager  GenderSex: Male
DayJoined: November 1, 2013 Micro darts № of Reviews: 22 Nerf logo 92 № of Featured Reviews: 2
Nerf maverick Nerf Blaster Count: 12

Great range, great accuracy, cool design, what more could one want? ...Well, except for the bolt-action. But hey, it's good for estatics!
Ammo: Streamline Darts
Pros: Very long range, very accurate in general, only jams due to human error.
Cons: Later version only came with 1 clip, less range because of weaker spring, original cannot fire Elite Darts.

Ten stars


Ten stars


Nine stars


Eight stars

Nerfipedia epic win
The Longshot is a high-power blaster, and one of Nerf's most powerful ones to date. Pick up if seen.
Review by: BSim
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