6.0 This blaster scores a 6.0
Longshot Front Gun
Year Released:



With Longshot CS-6

Stock Capacity:

1 Streamline Dart

Average Retail Price(s):

Comes with Longshot CS-6



The Longshot Front Gun is a blaster extension that comes with the Longshot CS-6 and is capable of firing one Streamline Dart. Because of this, it is good only as a backup weapon, and not to be the main weapon you carry into battle. This also fits on the Longstrike CS-6, Recon CS-6, Deploy CS-6 and the Spectre REV-5. It comes in the colours yellow, red and blue.


Description - The Longshot Front Gun is an add-on to the Longshot CS-6 that also can fire one dart at a time on its own.

'Range -10/10 It fires further than the longshot itself.

Accuracy - 3/10 With a poor range comes poor accuracy.

Reliability - 10/10 The blaster can't jam.

Rate - 7.5/10 It can fire pretty fast, but because it can only hold one dart, you will have to keep extras.

Overall - 6/10 On its own, the blaster is meh. When paired with the Longshot, its potential shines.

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