200px-Nerf logo 1992 r This product has been discontinued, but limited stock may still be found in retail stores.
Longshot Front Gun
Year Released:



With Longshot CS-6

Stock Capacity:

1 Streamline Dart



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The Longshot Front Blaster is a blaster extension that comes with the Longshot CS-6 and is capable of firing one Streamline Dart. Because of this, it is good only as a backup weapon, and is highly recommended not to be the main weapon you carry into a nerf war. This also fits on the Longstrike CS-6, Recon CS-6, Deploy CS-6 and the Spectre REV-5's front to function as a barrel extension. It comes in the colors yellow, red and blue along with the respective version of the Longshot. (N-Strike, Red-Strike or original.) The under barrel blaster may also be treated as an under barrel shotgun if used as a barrel extension.


  • If the front blaster is used on its own, the top barrel can be used as a faux scope or dart storage.
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