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Maverick REV-6
Year Released:

2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2014



Stock Capacity:

6 Micro Darts

Average Retail Price(s):

7.99 USD
9.99 CAD


N-Strike (Revolver)
Clear Series
Sonic Series
Whiteout Series
Gear Up

Plunger Type:


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The Maverick REV-6 (titled the Maverick on boxes, and commonly shortened to Mav) is a 2004 Nerf N-Strike blaster that holds 6 Micro Darts. It is compatible with almost every type of dart. It was one of the first blasters to be released in the N-Strike theme, and initially came in blue. This blue Maverick is now titled the Maverick Midnight, as the Maverick is most commonly found in the default N-Strike color scheme now. This blaster is relatively easy to modify, although it is hard to produce decent ranges from it, partly because of the fact it uses a Reverse plunger system to fire. However, if the modder is competent enough, it is possible to overcome this problem. It has come in several value packs, as well as been included in a special Disk Shot package.


The Maverick REV-6 is a blaster that is about the size of a Recon CS-6 without accessories. There is an iron sight located on the top of the blaster, which helps the user aim at a target. There is a Tactical Rail located on the cocking mechanism, which is an extremely poor spot for it. This becomes a problem when an accessory is put on the blaster. With the added size and because the attachment makes the priming mechanism higher up, when in the process of priming, pulling back the mechanism becomes much tougher. The Strongarm (N-Strike Elite), which is the successor to the Maverick, fixes this problem. The blaster is primed by pulling back and releasing the cocking mechanism. The Maverick REV-6's cylinder is rotated on the trigger pull, which may cause jams and other unnecessary issues. This could have been prevented if it was designed to rotate when primed.

The blaster has a cylinder which, when the button on the left side on the blaster is pressed, will fall out, allowing for reloading. While this does help reloading, the seal of the blaster is weakened because of that. The cylinder also do not fall out very far, which makes reloading the gun much slower than one might like. The handle on the blaster is large and comfortable, which makes it a good blaster for adults to hold as well as children, though for users with smaller hands it may be more of an inconvinience.



The internals of the Maverick REV-6 are standard reverse plunger system internals. It consists of a main spring, firing trigger, catch, catch spring, plunger tube, iron sight, turret and drop button.

Position in Theme

The Maverick REV-6 was popular from its introduction to at least 2013. It is commonly used as a starter blaster for those just entering Nerf. Due to the fact that it is easy to fire, is fast, and safe, it is popular among smaller children. The blaster itself serves as a back-up or fast-firing shooter in the N-Strike line, and has outlasted every other blaster with the exception of the Unity Power System, Nite Finder EX-3, Big Bad Bow, Rapid Fire AS-20 and Secret Strike AS-1. Although the Spectre REV-5 was introduced in 2010 as an intended successor to some extent, the blaster is still thoroughly available and is common in nearly every store that sells Nerf items.

Blaster Co-relation

The Maverick REV-6, due to being a part of the N-Strike line, belongs to one blaster family, which is the Revolver class. It is one of three blasters in this class, and serves as the flagship blaster for this line. Due to this, in promotional shots, it is usually seen alongside the Reflex IX-1 (Internal Single Fire), Nite Finder EX-3 (External Single Fire) and Recon CS-6/Raider CS-35 (Clip System).


Like all blasters, the Maverick REV-6 isn't perfect. A good example being the randomness of the reliability on the Clear Series version. As seen on this [1] Nerf Haven post, some users have reported Clear Series Maverick REV-6's outshooting other Maverick REV-6's, as well as having a trigger lock issue. This issue happens sometimes where the barrel is jammed on something and the trigger cannot be pushed back into position until this is fixed.

Another issue is that the Maverick REV-6, when firing, can jam. This can happen rather easily, which can be annoying. This is usually because some darts can pop out of the blaster when inserted, and can either jam the blaster or cause what is known as a "dead shot" (where the blaster does not fire anything). The catch also can deprime on often-used blasters as well.

Brigade Blaster

200px-Nerf logo 1992 r This product has been discontinued. It can no longer be found in retail stores.
Brigade Blaster
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Year Released:




Stock Capacity:

6 Darts



The Brigade Blaster is a 2012 Promotional blaster that holds 6 Plastic darts. It is a toned down Maverick geared for younger children. While it is toned down as Hasbro designed it to be, it is not well suited for actual nerf wars, as the performance is quite poor. The ammunition it uses is also poorly designed, due to safety issues, and it will not function with any other type of ammunition. The ammunition it uses also cannot be found anywhere else without purchasing the blaster again, as there have been no refill packs for the blaster. It is strongly recommended not to purchase this blaster for a Nerf War unless it is for a small child's use, as it has very poor performance.

How to Fire

Step 1 - Press the button on the side of the blaster to release the barrel.
Step 2 - Load six darts into the turret.
Step 3 - Push the turret back into the blaster.
Step 4 - Pull back the cocking mechanism on the top of the blaster.
Step 5 - Pull the trigger to fire the dart.


  • The first box of the Maverick REV-6, the 2004 kind.
  • The second box of the Maverick REV-6, the 2006 kind.
  • The first value box of the Maverick REV-6, the 2007 Disk Shot kind.
  • The second value box of the Maverick REV-6, the 2008 Double Your Darts kind.
  • The third box of the Maverick REV-6, the 2010 kind.
  • The second colour box of the Maverick REV-6, the 2010 Clear Series kind.
  • The third colour box of the Maverick REV-6, the 2010 Sonic Series kind.
  • The third value box of the Maverick REV-6, the 2010 Double Your Darts kind.
  • The fourth value box of the Maverick REV-6, the 2010 Refill/Reload kind.
  • The fourth colour box of the Maverick REV-6, the 2011 Whiteout Series kind.
  • The fifth colour box of the Maverick REV-6, the 2011 Gear Up kind.2012MavCA.jpg|The fifth box of the Maverick REV-6, the 2012 Brigade Blaster kind.


  • It is the only revolver to have been included in one of the "colour re-releases" from 2010 to 2011
  • Its successor is the Strongarm, but has a few added features including Slam Fire .
  • It has been seen in six colours since its introduction, not counting the Brigade Blaster.
  • Hasbro had a campaign in early 2011 in which you could receive a free Nerf blaster that costs under $20.00 when you spend at least $20 on a Hasbro toy. The only two blasters featured in this campaign were the Nite Finder EX-3 and the Maverick.
  • Older boxes simply referred to it as the Maverick. It was not referred to as the Maverick REV-6 until at least 2007 on the box.
    • Despite this, the words "MAVERICK REV-6" are ingrained onto the bottom of the blaster.
  • It is featured as a playable blaster in N-Strike: The Video Game and N-Strike: The Video Game Elite.
    • Strangely, on the side of the Double Blast Bundle (a set which includes both N-Strike and N-Strike Elite), it claims the blaster is titled the Maverick REV-5.
  • The most powerful variation of Maverick REV-6 is the Whiteout Series variation.
  • It is easy to make a Maverick REV-6's barrel come out completely.
  • Some modders have been able to make the Maverick REV-6 have two, even three, turrets.
  • The older Maverick REV-6 (the 2004 one) is said to be stronger than newer kinds, with the exception of 2011 blasters.
  • In 2012, the Maverick REV-6 was named the 2011 Boy's Toy of the Year in the United Kingdom by the Toy Retailers Association and the British Toy & Hobby Association.
  • The Maverick REV-6 is the most successful Nerf blaster yet, and has sold more than any other blaster.
    • Due to this, it is seen in television shows a lot.
  • The Transfomers Classics Megatron was designed after the Maverick REV-6
  • It is initially called the Prototype IX-6 before its official name is released, as it is featured in the Unity Power System Target DVD.

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