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Super Soaker themes

Max-D is a discontinued Super Soaker theme, introduced in 2002 and discontinued in 2003. Max-D, an abbreviation for Maximum Distance, was introduced to serve as an expansion to the ever so popular XP line discontinued the year before. The blasters in the line had a novel trigger system, which when pulled, made loud clicking noises and were not well received by the Super Soaker community. The line was started in 2002 with 5 blasters, all of which were quite well received. However, only one blaster was released the following year for unknown reasons. Eventually, the line was discontinued and never seen again. Somehow, all the blasters were moved to other lines after the Max-D line was discontinued, some of these lines were SoakerTag, SoakerTag Elite and the 2008 series. Even though the line has been discontinued, two blasters from the line survive until today, where they are now marketed under the Nerf Super Soaker name.


Picture Name Year
Max-D 2000 2002
287865-nerf-super-soaker-max-d-3000-twin3 Max-D 3000 2002
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