Max Force 2112
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Mega Darts and Micro Darts

Max Force 2112 is a short-lived Nerf theme that ran in 1997. It was a continuation of the Max Force line, with all the blasters being animal-themed to appeal to younger audiences.

All of the blasters received triggers, making them have better accuracy than most other Max Force series blasters. It lasted a year and was discontinued by the end of 1997.

Blasters Edit

Picture Name and Info Resembles
CoralViper Coral Viper Coral Snake
Electriceel box Electric Eel Electric Eel
LaserFang Laser Fang Vampire Bat
MadHornet2112 Mad Hornet Hornet
RazorFin Razor Fin Piranha
VenomShotBox Venom Shot Spider
Whiptail Whiptail Scorpion Scorpion
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