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Maximizer - 8.5

WorldmapCountry: Singapore  Age Group: Teenager  GenderSex: Male
DayJoined: February 19, 2011 Micro darts № of Reviews: 94 Nerf logo 92 № of Featured Reviews: 2
Nerf maverick Nerf Blaster Count: 19

The Maximizer is a less powerful version of the Ultimator.
Ammo: Mini Ballista Missiles
Pros: Still has good range (64 feet), able to be primed with only one pump, quieter, still has recoil to make one look cool, less recoil than Ultimator, accuracy is better than the Ultimator
Cons: Halved the range of the Ultimator, although quieter than the Ultimator, is still very loud, blaster does not strike fear into enemies unlike the Ultimator

Ten stars


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Nine stars

Nerfipedia Pass
An upgrade over the Ultimator, although this is not exactly a fair comparison.
Review by: NSA335
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