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The Mega Blitz line was a Nerf theme that consisted of 5 blasters. It was introduced in 1998 with five blasters, and a second series was announced for 2000. One of the blasters to be released was called the Gatlin' Storm. Unlike most other series, there was no clear pattern with their blasters; but it is possible that they were all chosen to go into this line due to all of them having rather high rates of fire, hence the title, "Mega Blitz" ("Blitz" is German for "lightning" or "fast").  However, due to the popularity of the Airjet Power series, the Mega Blitz line was discontinued along with the Gatlin' Storm being cancelled. The blasters released were usually large, and had mixed reception, with exception of the RotoTrack and RipChord, the former of which having originally been released in the Cyberstrike series.

Blasters Edit

Picture Name and Info
Gatlin' Storm (cancelled)
NitroQuad NitroQuad
Pulsator Pulsator
RipChord RipChord
RotoTrackHighDef RotoTrack
Triple Torch Triple Torch

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