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Micro Darts were once the most common Nerf ammunition in the Nerf franchise. They are similar to the classic Mega Darts, and have a similar type of suction cup head, but they are smaller. These darts will stick to any flat, smooth, level surface when fired.

Because of this aspect, Nerf also refers to them as Suction Darts. Many variations of the Micro Dart have been produced since its introduction, such as the Streamline DartWhistler Dart, and the Tagger Micro Dart.

They were originally introduced in 1993 as the ammunition of the Rip Rockets line, and were referred to as Rip Rockets.

They were eventually succeeded by the Suction Darts of the N-Strike Elite line.

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Buzz Bee's version of the Micro Darts were also a staple ammunition in their line of dart blasters. They are much similar to the Nerf version. These have since been replaced by Long Distance Darts.

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