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Elite Darts, Elite Missile, Suction Darts


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N-Strike Elite is the name of a Nerf series that was released in August 2012. It is an upgrade to N-Strike, which ran from 2003. All known blasters seem to be using a new, blue colour scheme. The Rampage and the Retaliator were released on the 1st of August, while the most impressive blaster in terms of design, the Hail-Fire (which was the flagship blaster of the Elite line), was released on the 9th of September. Other blasters made their way into the line later, such the Alpha Trooper CS-12.

History Edit

The first three blasters, the Rampage, Retaliator and Hail-Fire, were initially released on August 1st, 2012, with the Stockade in the U.K. following soon after. Eventually, many products followed up in 2013. As of 2014, many products were re-releases in newer color schemes, and some with Elite XD technology. In early 2020, Elite 2.0 was leaked, so N-Strike Elite may meet its end soon.

Blasters Edit

Picture Name and Info Year Elite XD?
AT12 Alpha Trooper CS-12 2013 Yes


Crossbolt Crossbolt 2015 Yes (equipped)
DemoPromo Demolisher 2-in-1 2014 Yes (equipped)
Disruptor Disruptor 2017 Yes


DualStrike Dual-Strike 2016 No
Nerf+N-Strike+Elite+Firestrike+-+Preview+02 Firestrike 2013 Yes (variant)
Nerf-hail-fire-xl Hail-Fire 2012 No
HyperFireNSE HyperFire 2016 Yes


NerfCamPromo Nerf Cam ECS-12 2014 Yes (equipped)
Rampage Rampage 2014 Yes


20130921140732!Rapidstrike CS-18 RapidStrike CS-18 2013 Yes (variant)
6741AEA050569047F5BB01047CF69754 Rayven CS-18 2013 No
RayvenStinger Rayven Stinger 2013 No
Retaliator Retaliator 2012 Yes (variant)
RhinoFirePromo Rhino-Fire 2014 Yes (equipped)
Nerf+N-Strike+Elite+Rough+Cut+2x4-+Preview+02 Rough Cut 2x4 2013 No
SidestrikeNSE Sidestrike 2014 No
Spectre REV-5 Elite Spectre REV-5 2013 No
Splitstrike Splitstrike 2015 Yes (equipped)
Nerf-Stockade-Blaster-For-Ultimate-Office-Wars-2-e1353877808357 Stockade 2012 Yes (variant)
Nerf+N-Strike+Elite+Strongarm+-+Preview+02 Strongarm 2013 Yes (variant)
Stratobow Stratobow 2016 No
Stryfe Stryfe 2013 Yes (variant)
Nerf N strike elite Triad ex 3 Triad EX-3 2013 Yes (variant)
81dRjHAPXOL. AC SL1500
Delta Trooper 2018
71LsJuU-lkL. AC SL1500
Infinus 2018
71giwLsFRuL. AC SY355
NanoFire 2018
Be52ee02-128d-48af-a984-fe40d843b575 1.90ee49c25fd1c6bf65122a87761ed774
Scout MKII 2018
NERF-N-Strike-Elite-Stryfe-CQ-10-1 - Edited
Stryfe CQ-10 2018
812vZzhnjKL. AC SL1500
SurgeFire 2018
416E4JjQFhL. AC
Surestrike 2018
Rampage (2019) 2019
Recon CQ-12
Recon CQ-12 2019
71Ki9rl1rkL. AC SL1500
Rukkus ICS-8 2019
91sSeW0FXzL. AC SL1500
Titan CS-50 2019
2e82fd2b-c8ed-4683-979e-afef40f9857b 1.65997a515fcab69787766968c3369811
Trilogy DS-15 2019
4df84985-4782-4d10-8561-94489fd595bf 1.f96f61c3062078e9f645acaeabb37e61
Shellstrike DS-6 2020

Sizzle Video Edit

Nerf N-Strike Elite Sizzle Video

Nerf N-Strike Elite Sizzle Video

International Blasters Edit

There were international blasters in the lineup. All blasters had re-released with grey triggers in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, etc. They had decreased ranges that went only up to 65 feet or 15 meters, due to toy safety regulations in those areas of the world.

Trivia Edit

  • On the N-Strike Elite blasters from Fall 2016 to the present day, the packaging design was changed and no longer claimed Elite XD internals.
    • However, they still claim 90 foot ranges.
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