N-Strike Elite Mega
Year Released:




Stock Capacity:

Elite Mega Darts

Average Retail Price(s):

7.99 - 79.99 USD


N-Strike Elite, N-Strike, Sub series

N-Strike Elite Mega is a name of a Nerf series that was launched in 2013. These blasters use a red paint scheme that looks of a very similar colour to that of the Red Strike series. It is known that it is an upgrade to N-Strike Elite. These blasters now have an improved range over the Elite blasters' 75 foot range, and use Elite Mega Darts as their primary ammunition. They also have grey triggers in some countries.

Blasters Edit

Picture Name Year Mega XD?
Bigshock Bigshock 2015 No
Centurion Centurion 2013 No
Cycloneshock Cycloneshock 2015 Yes (equipped)
DoubleBreach DoubleBreach 2017 Yes


Hotshock Hotshock 2016 No
LightningBow Lightning Bow 2016 Yes (equipped)
Magnus Magnus 2014 Yes (variant)
Mastodon Mastodon 2016 Yes (equipped)
Rotofury Rotofury 2015 Yes (equipped)
Thunderbow Thunderbow 2014 Yes (equipped)
Twinshock Twinshock 2017 Yes


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