Nerf Action
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Ballistic Balls, Missiles and Mega Darts

Nerf Action was the standard series for Nerf from 1994 to 1995, introducing few gimmicks, and mostly high capacity blasters.

Comparison Edit

Name Range Accuracy Rate Ammunition
Ballzooka 34 feet 71% 0.37 seconds Ballistic Balls
Chainblazer 40 feet 68% 0.27 seconds Mega Darts
Crossbow 41/38 feet 91%/98% 2.28 seconds Arrows/Mega Darts
Double Crossbow 51 feet 40% 4.48 seconds Missiles
RipSaw 38 feet 91% 0.58 seconds Ballistic Balls
Secret Shot 31 feet 90% 2.16 seconds Micro Darts
Sharpshooter II 43 feet 95% 1.91 seconds Mega Darts
SneakShot 50 feet 92% 1.90 seconds Mega Darts
Sonic Stinger Bow 'n' Arrow 58 feet 81% 1.37 seconds Arrows
Switchfire 33/27 feet 70%/27% 2.60 seconds Missiles/Ballistic Balls

NOTE: For a competition between each's blasters stats, look here

Yearly Updates Edit

1994 Edit

In 1994, the Original Nerf Series was replaced by a newer theme, titled Nerf Action. Nerf Action featured blasters which were meant for various types of battle strategies, such as charging (Ballzooka), stealth (Secret Shot) and speed (Chainblazer). These blasters were generally an improvement, although were overshadowed by the other big theme that year, Max Force. These blasters generally featured a blue/black/purple colour scheme.

Blasters released this year

1995 Edit

The next year, the Nerf Action line was mainly focused on pistol-sized blasters, and blasters this year were mostly single-shot blasters. This was the final year for Nerf Action, as next year Cyberstrike would be the flagship Nerf line. Green was found in all blasters released this year, as with the returning black/blue/purple colour schemes.

Blasters released this year

Future Edit

The Nerf Action line was retired at the end of 1995, although some blasters lived on further. The Double Crossbow was given re-release in 1999, so some blasters were not forgotten. Other blasters were replaced by future blasters, some of which followed the same general design.

Spiritual successors to blasters in this theme

Blasters Edit

# Picture Name and Info
1 BallZooka
2 Chainblazer
3 Cross
4 DoubleCrossBow
Double Crossbow
5 RipSaw
6 Ss1
Secret Shot
7 Sharpshooter2
Sharpshooter II
8 Sneakshot
Sonic Stinger Bow 'n' Arrow
10 Switchfire1994
Switchfire (1994)
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