This is the list of admin policies. If any one of them is violated, the proper consequences will be taken. (The consequences are at the back of each policy in brackets)


  1. Be nice to other users. (Warning, if persists, block)
  2. No vulgarism or foul language. (Chat Ban)
  3. No racialism. (Chat Ban)
  4. Block others when appropriate. (Revoke, Block)
  5. No vandalism. (Warning, Block)
  6. No using of other languages. Slang is ok, as long as it is in English. (Revert Edits)
  7. No going on a blocking rampage. (Revoke, Block)
  8. No spamming unless "drumroll" is said on wiki chat. (Chat Ban)
  9. Do not remove content from pages, unless it is needed. (Warning, Revert Edits, if persists, Block)
  10. No making fun of others. (Warning, if persists, Chat Ban)
  11. If you have not edited for at least 60 days, you are considered inactive. (No Penalty)
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