This is the page about block tickets. These tickets will be reviewed by the local admins here.

What is a block?

A block is the banning of someone editing on the wiki. They can be set for anytime, from 2 hours to even, indefinitely. All blocked users cannot edit, access the chat or post on forums. There are four types of blocks, the block, the autoblock, the angry autoblock (or enhanced autoblock), and the global block. A list of currently blocked people can be found here.


The block is just your regular block. One is unable to edit the wiki when blocked. Blocked users cannot access the chat either.


Autoblocks are special types of blocks. They automatically block the last IP address assigned by the blocked user.

Global Block

A global block is an enhanced block that blocks a user from editing in the WHOLE wikia community. Global Blocks are only accessible by Staff members of Wikia.

What is a block ticket?

A block ticket is a ticket to request to blockage of someone. They will be reviewed and then see if the ticket is applicable for blocking or not.

Block Ticket Criteria

Apply for a block ticket when you see a user with the following criteria. How common the criteria is is shown in brackets.

  • Someone has intimidating or harrassing behavior (common)
  • Someone is repeatedly spamming pages (very common)
  • Someone threatening to close down the wiki (very rare)
  • Someone threatening you (common)
  • Admin abusing his powers (very rare, report only when seen)
  • Sockpuppet (rare)
  • Someone who is an imposter of someone else (uncommon)
  • Someone sending spam messages to a key wiki member (rare)
  • Spammers creating multiple accounts (uncommon)
  • When someone has identified to be a spammer (common, only applies for registered accounts)
  • Someone who continuously asks for a promotion (rare)
  • Unacceptable username (relatively common)

Why send a block ticket?

We need your responses on how to help you on this wiki. If the case is not taken care of, this wiki will be damaged. Start sending a block ticket here.

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