This is the manual of style of Nerf Blaster Wiki.

Manual of Style Edit

  • The title of every article must be bolded, like this. For source mode editors, the code is 3 apostrophes ('''like this''') For visual mode editors, click the B at the top or put 3 apostrophes.
  • Leave 1 space after every full stop, comma or any other punctuation mark, and not like this. (The Nerf Maverick is the most popular and most used Nerf gun in the world.Many people like it because of its reliability in wars,and in casual play.)
  • Put the blaster template ({{Blaster}}) before every article. Copy and paste this coding to help you:


  • If you find where a link is appropriate, link the text. A link should look like this: Maverick REV-6. To link a page, put 2 square brackets around the word. ([[like this]])
  • Articles linked must be in singular, not plural. (Micro Dart instead of Micro Darts)
  • Use US Spelling instead of other spellings, even if there is anything related to Nerf outside the US. This does not apply for chatting in forums. You may use the UK or US spelling if you wish.
  • Acceptable articles must have good grammar and spelling.
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