These are the rules of the Nerf Blaster Wiki which one must follow at all times. If one fails to follow these rules, the result will be a block, depending on how serious the rule is. If one fails to follow these rules multiple times, the block will be extended.

  1. Be polite.
  2. Resolve matters peacefully.
  3. Try not to shout, and do not cuss or swear. (This rule does not apply for chat, but if one consistently cusses, swears or shouts repeatedly in chat, they will be kicked or even banned.)
  4. No editing talk page archives.
  5. Follow talk page rules if there are talk page rules established on a user's talk page. - This is important, especially if editing an admin's talk page.
  6. No spam. - Gibberish and repeating the same post over and over again is considered spam.
  7. No sockpuppetry. - If an account has been revealed to be an alternate account of a banned user, that account will be blocked immediately.
  8. No inappropriate content. - This includes pornography, cuss words and sexist photos.
  9. No undoing talk pages. - This will only happen for cleanups and vandalism revertion.

Code of Conduct[edit source]

  1. No rude words in articles. This includes curse words, words relating to pornography, racial and sexual slurs.
  2. No sexist or pornographic references.
  3. All users will be treated equally. This goes for staff as well.
  4. If any images are uploaded from the list of sites in Special:Upload, they will be promptly deleted.
  5. If user rights are abused, they will be revoked of immediately.
  6. Respect other users.
  7. Follow Wikia's community guidelines at all times.
  8. If you have a problem with a certain user on a wiki, ignore it, or, if you need to bring it up, talk to our administrators and we will find a way to resolve the problem.
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