This is the list of staff on Nerf Blaster Wiki. These users are experienced and have been around on the wiki regularly to monitor whatever is going on.


Bureaucrats, also known as commanders on this wiki, are the main users in power. They are able to access all of the features of an admin and are able to promote users and revoke users of their privileges. Bureaucrat names are highlighted in gold.

List of Bureaucrats



Administrators, also known as agents on this wiki, are the bread and butter here. They help the wiki work and block spammers. Admins have all the features of rollbacks and chatmods. Admin names are highlighted in orange.

List of Admins



Patrollers patrol edits and report to the head admin (or any admin, for that matter) if any edits break the wiki's code of conduct. Names of patrollers will be highlighted in tuscan red.

List of Patrollers


Head Patrollers


Normal Patrollers



Rollbacks, or rollback moderators, also known as sergeants on this wiki, are VSTF-esque like users. The help revert and undo spam and vandalism on the wiki. Rollback names are highlighted in cyan.

List of Rollbacks

Chat Moderators

Chat Moderators, also known as chatmods for short or stealth agents on this wiki, help control the chat. They are unable to block users on the wiki, but they are able to ban and kick users on the chat. Chatmod names are highlighted in red.

List of Chat Moderators


Other Ranks

There are other types of ranks, based on experience in a particular role (templates, .css, coding, photos, etc.).

Template Masters

Template Masters are good with templates and can make templates on their own. They use templates all the time.

List of Template Masters

CSS Master

CSS masters are good with stuff relating to .css. Examples are Common.css, Wikia.css and Monobook.css.

List of CSS Masters

Picture Masters

Picture masters get photographs of vintage Nerf boxes.

List of Picture Masters

Forum Moderators

Forum Moderators take charge of the forums. They manage the forums, and advise users on how to properly use the forums.

List of Forum Moderators

Emote Masters

Emote masters import and put new emoticons for the chat.

List of Emote Masters

Graphic Designers

Graphic Designers design graphics for the wiki. Names of graphic designers will be highlighted in deep sky blue.

List of Graphic Designers

Featured User of the Month

This specific user gets this entitlement because of editing qualities. The featured user will change every month. Featured Users will be highlighted in Lemon.

Featured User this month

Official Companies

Self-explanatory. Official company accounts will be highlighted in dodger blue.

Company accounts

Rank Badges

There are badges for every wiki rank available (including other ranks). The rank badges will be printed below the userpage.

Rollback Badge

Rollback This user is a rollback on this wiki.

Patroller Badge

Patroller This user is a patroller on the wiki.

Head Rollback Badge

Bomb This user is head rollback of the wiki!

Admin Badge

200px-Nerf logo svg This user is an administrator on the wiki.

Bureaucrat Badge

Nerf toyfair logo 1 This user is a bureaucrat on this wiki.

Head Admin Badge

200px-Logo 1992 This user is head admin of this wiki.

Founder Badge

200px-Logo 1969 This is the founder of the wiki.

Chat Moderator Badge

Image 62 This user is a chatmod on this wiki.

Template Master Badge

TemplateSidebar This user is a template master on this wiki.

CSS Master Badge

Coding This user is a CSS master on this wiki.

Picture Master Badge

Camera This user is a picture master on this wiki.

Forum Moderator Badge

ForumIndex This user is a forum moderator on this wiki.

Emote Master Badge

40px This user is a emote master on this wiki.

Graphic Designer Badge

Elite-Nerfipedia This user is a graphic designer on the wiki!

Featured User of the Month Badge

Gold taskstar This user is featured user of the month!

Current Staff

This is the current staff of this wiki.

Avatar Name Signature User Groups Activity
Spartan-1 NSA335

NSA335Over and out.Nerf n strike logo

Bureaucrat, Head Admin, Chatmod, Rollback, Template Master, CSS Master, Forum Moderator Active
Morshu Morshu Morshu Lamp oil? Rope? Bombs? It's yours my friend. MMMMMMMMMM Bureaucrat, Admin Active
CtrlAltShiftKill Destroyer We should have cloned 20's Chatmod Active

Inactive Staff

These staff members haven't contributed in at least 60 days and are considered inactive.

Avatar Name Signature User Groups
Urban+Taggers-+Nerf+N-Strike+Elite+Rapidstrike+CS-18+(6) NK77 Nerfking77Damn snow! Sysop, Chatmod, Rollback
SnipingHawk Hawk SnipingHawk Graphic Designer
No Avatar Ethan3130 Ethan3130 Founder of this Wiki
Emile-A239 NN666 UP YOURS JET & NM8 Forum Moderator, Rollback
Scry Nite Nighttime Nerfer Chatmod

Future Staff Members

Elect someone here!

How do you become a member of staff?

The Nerf Blaster Wiki is always looking out for new staff members to join our ranks. Creating a post here allows us to see who wants to join the staff of the wiki. Remember, that isn't very easy, so cross your fingers and hope for the best in getting accepted for a role.

Time Zones

If you need to know what's the local time for particular staff members, to gauge whether they'll be available, then check below. Click here to update.

Type Name Locale Timezone Local Time
Bureaucrat NStrikeAgent335 Singapore UTC+8 SST 20:03
Chatmod Destroyer334545 Ontario, Canada (?) UST-5 GMT 07:03
Graphic Designer SnipingHawk Austria UST+1 CET 13:03

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