Longstrike cs 6

A good primary weapon would be the Stryfe CS-6

If you want to have an excellent arsenal for Nerf Wars of otherwise, you'll need to construct a perfectly balanced set of weaponry.  Here are steps to ensure you are the strongest warrior on the block.

Select your Primary WeaponEdit

Your first weapon should be your fastest and farthest shooting gun.  Make sure you are comfortable with it and it is easy for you to use.  If it uses clips, put the Raider clip/drum in it for maximum ammo, or use a 6-7 clip as it is less obvious.

Select a Secondary GunEdit

This should be your second best weapon.  Preferably, it should be a good combo with your first gun.


A useful secondary weapon would be a Hammershot.

Maverick rev 6

When it comes to a tertiary weapon, you can't go wrong with a Jolt EX-1.

Get a Tertiary GunEdit

Your third gun should be something simple and lightwieght, like a Maverick or a Nitefinder.

Optional: Get a Quaternary/Special WeaponEdit

If you so wish, you can have a fourth weapon.  It should be something that uses a specific ammo type, if those are allowed in your game.

Get a BackpackEdit

This is vital.  A backpack that can store all your weapons will ease the worry of having to carry all your weapons at once and having to worry about dropping something.  Make sure you have plenty of ammo stocked up in there, too.  If you are in a long Nerf War/battle, be sure to pack snacks and water.  And, possibly most important of all, be SURE to bring your walkie talkie or cell phone.  If you are lost, those items are your ticket back to civilization.

Optional: Make/Get a HolsterEdit

Holsters can make your secondary and tertiary guns at your immediate disposal if your primary weapon runs out of ammo and you are being attacked.  There are all kinds of how-tos on making holsters on the Internet.


Make sure to have smaller weapons like the Secret Strike and extra ammo in your pockets.  Save those Secret Strikes until you're in a jam where you are completely out of ammo.

Practice, Practice, Practice!Edit

Set up a makeshift shooting range before your battle and practice your aim on things like cans or bottles.  This can sharpen your skills and give you an edge in battle.

Melee Weapons for Close QuartersEdit

ALWAYS have a melee weapon on you (if they're allowed), like a Klaw Hatchet or a Zombie Machete.  These will keep your killing power up, and hey, at least they don't have to be reloaded.

Klaw hatchet

The Klaw Hatchet is a solid melee weapon; it can be used to hack into enemies and be thrown.

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