Nerf in the 1970's is the brand's launching phase. Due to this, many products released around this time have difficulty being categorized by year due to each being extremely rare. In this section, it will discuss what Nerf began to do during this decade and some special events as well as products listed at the bottom.

New Technology Edit

Nerf was beginning to become famous after its first product, the Nerf Indoor Ball, was launched in 1969. Afterwards, its material was used on many different types of toys. There were foam planes, animals and even cars. It seemed that Nerf was becoming quite the brand.

While the material of each of the products never changed, each of the products did. There were Nerf versions of several famous games such as Basketball and Football. The Nerf Indoor Ball had also spawned the Super Nerf Indoor Ball, which was significantly larger than the Nerf Indoor ball.

Notable products Edit

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