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Yes, but very hard to find

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2.5L of water


Water Warriors

The Orca is a 2007 Buzz Bee blaster that holds 2.5L of water. It is basically an improvement over the Blazer, but it has its shortcomings as well. It has a downwards-facing reservoir, causing it to make whale or orca-like sounds when air is drawn into the reservoir. It is very hard to come by currently, even though this blaster is discontinued, as it has been replaced by the Gorgon, which is essentially an Orca repaint with an upwards-facing reservoir, which means no more whale sounds and its power gauge removed. It is classified as an Elastic Blaster. It was rereleased in 2008. The 2008 update was pretty much like the Gorgon, upwards facing reservoir, and no whale sounds, but it still retained its Power Gauge.



  • This was Buzz Bee's first replacement for the Blazer.
  • When this and the Hammerhead were released, its predecessor and the Lightning were still available for purchase.


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The Orca is the largest of the 2007 line of Water Warriors blasters.
Pros: Good range, good accuracy, strap, 5 nozzles, power gauge, burbling noises fixed on 2008 model, holds more than the Blazer, nice styling, CPS-like power, well balanced
Cons: Uses batteries, quite heavy, burbling noises on original model can give up your hiding spot, quite hard to fill, relies on an intake hose

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The Orca has its setbacks, thus lowering the score of this extremely well-built blaster.
Review by: NSA335
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