Original Nerf Series
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Sharpshooter Darts, Ballistic Balls, Arrows

The Original Nerf Series is the original Nerf line from 1989. These were discontinued after 1993. Most of the guns in this line were experimental, such as the Zap Snaps and the Missile Launcher. This also gave birth to the Darts and the Ballistic Balls which are still used today.

Comparison Edit

Name Range Accuracy Rate Ammunition
Arrowstorm 45 feet 84% 0.32 seconds Arrows
Blast-A-Ball 40 feet 50% 1.37 seconds Ballistic Balls
Blast-A-Matic 35 feet 51% 0.26 seconds Ballistic Balls
Bow 'n' Arrow 58 feet 81% 1.37 seconds Arrows
Master Blaster 37 feet 70% 0.27 seconds Ballistic Balls
Missile Launcher 38 feet 46% 1.54 seconds Arrows
Missilestorm 43 feet 44% 0.33 seconds Missiles
NB-1 49 feet 30% 1.93 seconds Missiles
Sharpshooter 36 feet 98% 2.99 seconds Sharpshooter Darts
Slingshot 29 feet 29% 0.53 seconds Ballistic Balls
Zap Snaps 46 feet ? 1.60 seconds Zap Snaps Rocket

NOTE: For a competition between each's blasters stats, look here

Yearly Updates Edit

1989 Edit

In 1989, Milton Bradley releases the Blast-A-Ball game, which includes two blasters and 4 Ballistic Balls. It immediately becomes a hit, and sells well. This officially started this theme. The blasters released this year, which only includes the Blast-A-Ball, has no real similarity when compared as a whole. Ammunition used for this year only included the Ballistic Ball.

Blasters released this year

1990 Edit

The next year, the Original Nerf line was expanded to include two new blasters, both of which having a capacity of three now. These new blasters had better accuracy and rate of fire than the original, but beared no similarities to tell them apart from the other model years. Ammunition used for this year included the Arrow and Ballistic Ball.

Blasters released this year

1991 Edit

This year, only one new blaster was released. This one had a similar colour scheme to 1990's Bow 'n' Arrow, however used a different ammunition. Blasters this year had similar styling to those featured in the previous year, so they are commonly linked (1990-1991 season). Ammunition used for this year included the Ballistic Ball.

Blasters released this year

1992 Edit

This was Original Nerf's biggest year, with the most new blasters released than any other year. This year was the most diverse year, however most blasters had similarities. Out of the six blasters released, four were push-pull blasters and every blaster had either a black, red or purple/blue colour scheme, often mixing those three colours. Ammunition used for this year included the Arrow, Ballistic Ball, Missile, Sharpshooter Dart and Zap Snaps Rocket.

Blasters released this year

1993 Edit

The final year for this line, only one blaster was released, again using the black/red colour scheme characterized by the theme. Blasters this year again used the push-pull mechanism as well, so this year can be linked with the previous year too (1992-1993 season). Ammunition used for this year included the Arrow

Blasters released this year

Future Edit

The Original Nerf series was retired at the end of 1993, replaced by the newer, 1994 Nerf Action theme. Many blasters were follow-ups to the blasters in this line, and many other blasters like the ones featured in this theme would be released in the following years.

Spiritual successors to blasters in this theme

Blaster List Edit

# Picture Name
1 Arrowstorm
2 Blast-a-Ball
3 Matico
4 Bowandarrow
Bow 'n' Arrow
5 MBlaster
Master Blaster
6 MissileLauncher
Missile Launcher
7 MStorm
8 NB1
NB-1 Missile Blaster
9 Sharpie
10 Slingshot
11 ZapSnaps
Zap Snaps
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