Power Strike 9
Year Released:




Stock Capacity:

9 Super Darts

Average Retail Price(s):

17.99 USD


Stats Blast, Dart Zone, Powerstrike

Plunger Type:


The Dart Zone Power Strike 9 is a Direct plunger revolver with a capacity of 9 Super Darts that was released in 2015. It claims ranges of up to 70 feet. It is advertised to use "Powerstrike Technology". It is pump-action and has faux crossbow arms, giving it the appearance of a crossbow. It has gotten great reviews by those who own it for it's performance. It has a lock that prevents the blaster from dry-firing without darts inserted, and a small ridge under the plunger tube that helps to rotate the turret and to prevent wear and tear on the seal between the blaster and turret.

Blaster Co-Relation Edit

This blaster is very similar to the NERF Rebelle Guardian Crossbow, as both are pump-action revolvers that resemble crossbows. The Power Strike 9, though, holds 9 darts, while the Guardian Crossbow only holds 6, and while the Guardian Crossbow can slamfire, the Power Strike 9 cannot. It is also similar to the Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow and Outbreaker Bow as they also resemble crossbows, but the Crossfire Bow is not a revolver, while the Outbreaker Bow is a revolver, but is not pump-action.

How To Fire Edit

  1. Load the blaster with 9 darts. (NOTE: If the blaster is not loaded with any darts, you will not be able to fire the blaster)
  2. Prime the shotgun pump below the blaster back, then rack it forward.
  3. Pull the trigger to fire the blaster.

Trivia Edit

  • Although under the Powerstrike family of Dart Zone blasters, the Power Strike 9 shares nothing in common with the Power Strike 48 or the Power Strike 24, other than the fact that it is pump-action and is a revolver.
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