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Stock Capacity:

10 XLR discs

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The Praxis is a 2011 Vortex blaster that holds 10 XLR discs. It also comes with a Praxis detachable stock, a 10-Disc Magazine and 10 XLR discs. It was initially thought to be called "Practice" after a German website found the name, due to a mistranslation. It is the only Vortex blaster that comes with a stock. It got good reviews when it first came out.

It will be re-released as part of the Vortex VTX line in Fall 2018.

Blaster Variants:

  • Original (green)
  • Sonic Series re-release
  • Lumitron (lime) minus stock
  • very rare 2015 re-release (white)
  • Vortex VTX (light blue)

Trivia Edit

  • Until the Lumitron, it was the only Vortex blaster to be compatible with stock accessories.
  • It can Slam Fire in its own way. The Pyragon is also capable of slam-firing.
  • Sonic Series version was released.

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