Warning This product has been cancelled from production by the manufacturer. The reason for the cancellation is: Likely due to the popularity of the Ball Blastzooka.
Pump Tek
Year Released:




Stock Capacity:

6 Ballistic Balls


Buzz Bee

The Pump Tek is a cancelled Buzz Bee blaster that holds 6 Ballistic Balls. It is a lever-action blaster, like the First Shot and Max Shot. Due to the popularity of the Ball Blastzooka, plans were dropped in producing this blaster. If it were released, the Pump Tek would be the third Buzz Bee ball blaster, after the Ball Blastzooka and Lightning Strike Ball Blaster.

Trivia Edit

  • If one looks closely on the package, it says that Buzz Bee would include 6 Ballistic Balls with the blaster, but on the package, it only shows 4. If this were released, the other 2 balls would be tucked away behind the 4 shown or tucked into the barrel.
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