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Punisher Gatling Blaster
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30 Micro Darts

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Air Zone

The Punisher Gatling Blaster is a 2010 Air Zone Gatling Gun that holds 30 Micro Darts. It is very similar to the Vulcan EBF-25, in the fact that they are both belt-fed blasters and are automatic. It spawned a tinier brother called the Dart Zone Gatling Blaster. It is a Toys 'R' Us exclusive, and can only be purchased there along with the rest of the Air Zone line.


The Air Zone Punisher Gatling Blaster is a motorized Gatling dart blaster that has a full auto-rotating barrel with realistic rapid-fire and Gatling sound. Hold down the power trigger for full auto fire to shoot 30 darts in 20 seconds! It also has a stabilizing support arm and power grip handle for maximum rapid fire control and an ammo breech cover that ensures steady, reliable firing. The Air Zone Punisher Gatling Blaster comes with a 30-dart ammo belt.


Description - The Punisher Gatling Blaster is a Vulcan EBF-25 clone that holds 30 instead of 25 darts. It runs on the same kind of belt, but you cannot purchase refill packs of chain butt.

Range - 8/10 - It gets 30-40 feet with every shot, 5 more than the Vulcan does.

Accuracy - 8/10 - Its accuracy is the same as the vulcan because because of the belt.

Reliability - 6/10 - There are a few accounts of the blaster breaking.This is because of manufacturing problems.

Rate - 5/10 - It fires 30 darts in 20 seconds which is slow for an automatic blaster and you still have to go get those darts through a long reloading time.

Overall - 6.75/10 - Not as good as the Vulcan, but OK in a battle. If you cannot afford the Vulcan's price tag, this is always the next step down.


  • The Punisher is made by Prime Time Toys.
  • On Youtube, the video showing the blaster refers to it as a Dart Zone blaster.
  • It is a flywheel blaster, but the wheels are horizontal instead of vertical.


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