Quickfire 12
Year Released:

2011, 2012



Stock Capacity:

12 Air Zone Slugs


Dart Zone, Air Zone, Quickfire

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The Quickfire 12 is a 2011 Dart Zone blaster that holds 12 Air Zone Slugs. This was one of the 2 initial Dart Zone blasters released, and was a good performing blaster. It was notable for the fact that it had 2 removable cylinders, which could be switched out very easily by just breaking open the front end of the blaster and allowing the cylinder to fall out. One could then place a spare cylinder from the rack and into the blaster and close it back up. It was later sold by Air Zone and renamed the Double Barrel Shooter. A year later, it was re-released with a new color scheme, and another new name, the Quickfire 12 Shooter Double Barrel. The barrels of the cylinders lacked both Air Restrictors and Dart Pegs.

How to fire Edit


Step 1 - Load 6 slugs into a cylinder.
Step 2 - Break open the blaster by pulling a black switch on the top to release a catch that holds the front barrel.
Step 3 - Place the cylinder's post in a hole in the barrel.
Step 4 - Close the blaster back up.
Step 5 - Pull the grey slide back and release.
Step 6 - Pull the trigger to fire a dart.

Quick Reloading

Step 1 - Put a spare fully loaded cylinder on the rack at the bottom of the blaster.
Step 2 - Fire off a full cylinder.
Step 3 - Break open the blaster. The empty cylinder should fall out.
Step 4 - Pull the red switch on the catch to release the spare cylinder.
Step 5 - Load the spare cylinder and close the blaster.

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