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12 Micro Darts

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Buzz Bee Air Blasters (Early 2011)
Air Warriors

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The RADS 12 (also known as the Rads 12) is a 2011 Buzz Bee Air Blasters/Air Warriors blaster that holds 12 Micro Darts. It comes 12 Micro Darts and the blaster itself. It is cocked using the pulling mechanism on the top of the blaster, which reclines and cocks the blaster. It spins each barrel around 180' when cocking and fires the darts off one at a time. It was first released in 2011 as the first announced blaster in the Air Warriors line, however some blasters were packaged as Air Blasters blasters. The Air Blasters variant is discontinued. It got good reviews when it first came out, even though range is only up to around 25 feet. It is coloured green, with orange barrels and outlines.

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  • RADS is an acronym for Rapid Advance Dart System.

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