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Raider CS-35 -8

Army Of One12
WorldmapCountry: Philippines  Age Group: Teenager  GenderSex: Male
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A powerful, versatile blaster, the Raider has a few problems, but makes up for it in terms of its capacity and overall power.
Ammo: Streamline Dart
Pros: Tommy gun look, huge 35-dart drum, doesn't use batteries, can slam fire, durable
Cons: Chews up darts, tips to the side due to the drum, range can vary widely, unreliable (on a lesser scale)

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Eight stars


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While it can ultimately destroy darts, it can make for it in its rate and, of course, its capacity. If you have any problems firing it with the drum at the side, try firing it sideways, with the drum pointing downward. It will help. Overall it is a solid blaster. Recommended for support, group backup, frontline, and/or all-out assault.
Review by: AOL
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