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Ratchet Blast
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Stock Capacity:

8 Mega Darts

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Cyberstrike/Hyper Sight

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The Ratchet Blast is a Nerf blaster that is part of the Cyberstrike series. It was released in 1997 and was part of the series' second and final year. It is generally perceived to be as the successor to the Rattler, a 1994 blaster that was part of the Max Force series due to similar design, capabilities and functions. Although this blaster was released in the Cyberstrike series, it was re-released as part of the Hyper Sight series in 1998 according to several boxes and historical records. It uses a very unique cocking method, the user jerks the blaster upwards to cock the blaster. Because of this it can be fired with one hand although reliability suffers. This method of "breaking" the blaster was not seen again in a Nerf product until the Barrel Break IX-2 in 2011. In the front turret it is able to hold four Mega Darts like its predecessor the Rattler. Despite it being re-released under the Hyper Sight name, there were no re-colours available to the blaster and it still used its Cyberstrike logos on the blaster itself.

How to Fire

Step 1 - Insert four Mega Darts or Screamin' Mega Darts into the front turret.
Step 2 - Grab hold of the handle underneath of the shield.
Step 3 - Pull the handle upwards to cock the blaster.
Step 4 - Push it back down to its previous state.
Step 5 - Pull the trigger to fire the Mega Dart.

Reliability Issues

The method of cocking the blaster was a very unique way of doing it, although because of that it had several issues. A common issue was that the blaster would be awkward to fire due to this, and is sometimes disliked because of this. It also would cause an event in which while the firing trigger was depressed, the front of the blaster would dip down, therefore effectively ruining the shot. This was documented on a page at NerfHaven, in which two users reported having this problem.

Although the blaster was somewhat reliable, it is rumoured that the blaster caused peoples fingers to get caught in the cocking mechanism and to be pinched although this has yet to be debunked or labeled as true.


  • This is one of two blasters to be re-released that were initially released in the Cyberstrike line, the other being the RotoTrack.
  • This is the only non-original blaster in the Hyper Sight line.
  • This blaster is the only silver Hyper Sight blaster.
  • It is the only Cyberstrike blaster to have a sight apart from the Perceptor.
  • It was one of two blasters in the line that use your arm to fire it, the other being the Strongarm.
  • It comes with a Ratchet Blast Dart Storage shield.

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