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Soaker Wars, Nerf Super Soaker

Not to be confused with the Rattler (Max Force)

The Rattler is a 2010 Soaker Wars Super Soaker that holds up to 1.1L of water. The blaster was named the same name as a previous Max Force blaster, also titled Rattler. It is basically a smaller Shot Blast, which costs more. The Rattler has a Tactical Rail on the top of the blaster. It comes in red or blue, both the same price.


Description - The Rattler is a new Super Soaker blaster that is one of the medium-sized blasters. Think of it as the Firefly REV-8 of Super Soakers. It holds 1.1L of water.

Range - 8/10 - 35 feet is quite good for a Super Soaker.

Accuracy - 9/10 - While quite good at accuracy, if a sight is equipped the accuracy improves greatly. The Iron sights are suprisingly useful in an amphibious assault.

Reliability - 8/10 - The only downfalls of this blaster are the lack of a strap and that you can't continuously shoot the blaster. Lasts well in harsh conditions. Extremely tough design is probably the strongest of any water blaster yet.

Capacity - 7/10 - It gets a pretty good 1.1L.

Overall - 8.5/10 - This is a good-priced blaster, and excellent for a war.

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