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Recon CS-6
Year Released:




Stock Capacity:

6 Streamline Darts

Average Retail Price(s):

19.99/24.99 USD
46.95 SGD



Plunger Type:


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The Recon CS-6 is a 2007 N-Strike Clip System blaster that can hold up to 6 Streamline Darts. It comes with an instruction book, a Light beam unit, a Recon CS-6 barrel extension, a Recon CS-6 detachable stock, a Recon CS-6 flip-up sight, 6 Streamline Darts and the blaster itself. It requires 2 AA batteries to use the light beam unit, which is activated when its switch is switched to "ON". It was re-released two times due to an event called the Recon CS-6 recall, where the blaster was recalled due to a safety issue. The oldest model, the first generation, had no black guard at the back of the blaster which made the plunger tube stick out when cocked, and return in very quickly which sometimes caused skin to get caught in it in the process and tear. It was re-released a following time, but this time it had a very long bar labeled "ARMED". It was re-released again later on, which is the current generation. Throughout all the re-releases the only accessory to be affected was the stock, which was changed for the third generation. It has also been included in the Red Strike series, the Clear Series, the Sonic Series and the Gear Up series. The darts included with it are the regular kind of Streamline Dart although Streamline Dart (Gear Up) were included in the Gear Up Recon. It is the second oldest Clip System blaster. The concept of the Recon is customizability and and versatility. It does a fair job at this, as it comes with the basic attachments necessary for customization and overall is an all-around blaster. However, its successor, the Retaliator, is a much better overall blaster. Still, the Recon can hold its own in a Nerf war, despite its average stats.

Color variations

  • The first box.
  • The second box, the Special Edition.
  • The third box, the "Double Your Darts" edition.
  • The fourth box, the Sharpshot Scope version.
  • The fifth box.
  • The sixth box, the Clear Series box.
  • The seventh box, the Red Strike box.
  • The eighth box, the Sonic Series box.
  • The ninth box, the Gear Up box.
  • The tenth box, the "Refill and Reload" edition.


  • In N-Strike: The Video Game Elite, there is a special color of Recon CS-6 called the Habanero as well as the Desert Recon.
  • The Recon is one of four blasters that are available for purchase that are playable in both N-Strike video games.
  • The Recon held the record for most pages at, with 6 pages.
  • This blaster was released in over 9 different boxes.
  • This is one of the most famous N-strike blasters.
  • The only sub-series of N-Strike that it is not included in is the Whiteout Series.
Nerf Recon Commercial

Nerf Recon Commercial

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