Remote Control Pitching Machine/Mike Piazza Power Hitter Pitching Machine
Year Released:

1997, 2000



Stock Capacity:

6 baseballs


Nerf Sports

The Remote Control Pitching Machine is a 1997 Nerf Sports product that fires 6 baseballs. It is a remote-controlled pitching machine. It is meant to be used as a practicing device for young baseball players. Strangely, there is no included baseball bat. It has what looks like a ping pong paddle which is actually a foot pedal which one needs to press to fire a ball. The Remote Control Pitching Machine would later be rereleased in 2000 with a new name, the Mike Piazza Power Hitter Pitching Machine. It was then discontinued. It uses 4 D batteries.

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  • Mike Piazza variant.

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