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Rough Cut 2×4
Year Released:

2013, 2014 (re-release), (Zombie Strike)



Stock Capacity:

8 Elite Darts

Average Retail Price(s):

19.99 USD
49.99 SGD


N-Strike Elite (Multishot Madness), Zombie Strike

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The Rough Cut 2×4 (also known as the Roughcut 2×4 as seen on the blaster; formerly known as the Ruff Cut 2×4) is a 2013 N-Strike Elite blaster that can hold up to 8 Elite Darts with default ammunition. It is the token shotgun of the lineup and can therefore be viewed as a successor to the older Barrel Break IX-2. It is also part of the Multishot Madness sub-series. It has an intelligent air restrictor that allows the user to fire darts out of any barrel. It costs 19.99 USD, and got extremely positive reviews when it first came out. It was later re-released in two colors for the Zombie Strike line, in both green and orange. The blaster was also released in a two pack in those colors. It has been a good candidate for modifications, especially the popular "Masterkey" modification, where the Rough Cut's handle is removed and rear part is closed off, making it grip-less, and is integrated onto the bottom of most rifle-like Nerf blasters, like the RapidStrike CS-18 and Stampede ECS. Due to its ability to slam-fire, it is a popular choice for a primary blaster as it allows one to fire off a barrage of darts at once.

A BattleCamo variant was released in 2018, but strangely, the staged trigger was removed. the reason for this is unknown.

How to fire Edit

Single fire

Step 1 - Load eight darts into the "barrels".
Step 2 - Rack the shotgun pump back and forth.
Step 3 - Pull the trigger to fire a dart.

Slam fire

Step 1 - Load eight darts into the "barrels".
Step 2 - Hold down the trigger and rack the shotgun pump back and forth to fire two darts at a time.

Gallery Edit

  • The white Rough Cut.
  • The green Zombie Strike Rough Cut.
  • The orange Zombie Strike Rough Cut.

Trivia Edit

  • This blaster was released a lot earlier than expected, in late 2012, similar to the Stryfe.
  • If one looks on the side of the blaster, there are 2 holes on the side of the blaster near the back. This is the priming indicator. When initially primed, both holes turn orange. When 1 dart is shot from any barrel, the hole on the corresponding side of the blaster will turn back to black.
  • This is the first multishot slam fire-capable blaster.
  • The 2x4 refers to the barrel arrangement, 2 columns of 4 barrels.
  • This blaster has been released in white but no longer in a sub-series.
  • It resembles a sawn-off shotgun.
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