Four safety locks found in a Proton. The locks from left to right; a slide lock to hold the slide back until one hits the orange release lever, a trigger lock to ensure that the trigger cannot be pulled until the slide is all the way forward, an ammo lock so as to disallow one to pull the trigger unless a disc is inserted, and the plunger catch.

A safety lock is a safety feature inside a Nerf blaster. What a safety lock is meant to do is to disallow the user from doing certain actions with the blaster unless a certain action has been taken with the blaster to overcome the lock. Modders usually dislike these locks, and usually remove them. However, some locks are essential for a blaster to function. If these are removed, the blaster will be unable to function.

Types of locks Edit

Trigger lock

This lock prevents one from pulling the trigger when the slide of a blaster is pulled back. This applies for all blasters without a slide return spring. Vortex blasters would also have this lock, which would prevent one from firing the blaster without having a disc or magazine inside. Flywheel-powered blasters have a similar lock, where the trigger may not be pulled unless the acceleration trigger is depressed.

Slide lock

This type of lock disallows the slide from moving backwards and cause a double-feed once the blaster has been primed. This type of lock is only seen on blasters without a slide return spring.

Clip lock

This lock prevents one from firing a blaster unless a clip or magazine is in the blaster, whether it be full or not.

Clip release lock

This lock prevents the user of a clip-fed or drum-fed blaster to remove the ammunition holder when the slide of the blaster is in the forward position. This only applies for blasters without a slide return spring. Vortex blasters, while magazine-fed, do not have this lock and the magazine or drum can be removed at any time.

Motor lock

This lock causes a blaster with an acceleration trigger to drive induced currents to short into the batteries when a jam door is open, or when the clip is removed.

Plunger catch

See article.

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