Not to be confused with the Shoot n' Shatter.

Shell Shock X-6
Year Released:

2003, 2013



Stock Capacity:

6 Clip Darts, Shells


Lanard, Huntsman

The Shell Shock X-6 is a 2003 Lanard blaster that holds 6 Clip Darts and Shells. It is no longer available for purchase as it is too old now. It got average reviews when it first came out. Performance wise, it is not very good. It was then rereleased into the Lanard Huntsman line as The Judge.

Trivia Edit

  • The clip used with it has the words Lock 'n' Load.
  • It has a goldish color compared to the 2011 Air Zone version.
  • It is the first blaster in the X series lineup.
  • It looks a lot like the Nerf Vigilon.
  • This resembles the Judge's Gun from Judge Dred

    The Judge from the Huntsman (notice the holster).

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