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Stock Capacity:

12 Zombie Strike Darts

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Zombie Strike

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The Sledgefire is a 2013 Nerf Zombie Strike blaster that is able to hold up to 12 Zombie Strike Darts, three shells in the back of the blaster and one in the blaster itself. It resembles a shotgun in many aspects. It is the first ever Nerf blaster to use SledgeFire Shells, a special type of shell, which fires 3 darts together that are loaded into the blaster, by breaking open the front barrel and inserting the shell in it. It costs $27.99.

How to fire Edit

Step 1 - Load 3 darts into a SledgeFire Shell.
Step 2 - Push the orange revolver hammer-like tab on the back of the blaster.
Step 3 - Break open the blaster's barrel.
Step 4 - Load a shell into the insertion point. Push it down until a "click" is heard.
Step 5 - Push the barrel up until you hear a "click" sound and it locks into place.
Step 6 - Pull the trigger to fire.
Step 7 - Break open the blaster's barrel. Extract the shell manually.

Trivia Edit

  • It has break-barrel action similar to that of the Double Shot and Barrel Break IX-2.
  • The blaster's design is similar to Sledge's Shotgun from the video game Borderlands.
  • The shell ejects slightly when the blaster is broken open to prevent you losing shells.
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