Smart Stick Round
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Smart Stick Rounds are grenade-like items released in 2014 by BOOMco. The rounds act like Z-Bombz, similar grenade-like projectiles made by Nerf for their Zombie Strike line, that act as a substitute for socks in Humans vs Zombies Nerf wars. Throwing a round at a target causes it to stick to it, due to it having smart stick technology. The rounds are included with the round magazine, an attachment that can be fitted onto a tactical rail of any BOOMco blaster. The rounds come in theee different color schemes, red, green and blue. Each can be split into two halves and have their colors mixed and matched; this ability for them to split also allows for them to be easily cleaned of any debris stuck in or on them. Rounds are also included with the Twisted Spinner and Rapid Madness.

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